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007 in Hong Kong
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Hong Kong in 007 Movies

Though 007 visited Hong Kong three times in the movies (You Only Live Twice, The Man with the Golden Gun and Die Another Day), only Roger Moore arrived at Hong Kong to take the shot. Pierce Brosnan had been in Hong Kong to take part in the series "the Noble House". Richard Kiel the Jaws had starred a Hong Kong movie called "Aces Go Places III: Our Man From Bond Street" in 1984.

You Only Live Twice (1967)

hk1.jpg hk2.jpg
Hong Kong in You Only Live Twice (1967). The location of the left picture is Shantung Street which is around 611-620, Nathan Road, Mong Kok, Kowloon.
Shantung Street in 2013

The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)

hk3.jpg hk3b.jpg

On 9 January 1972, the RMS Queen Elizabeth, which was intended to be used as "the Floating College", mysteriously caught fire and sank in Victoria Harbour. The RMS Queen Elizabeth was depicted as the secret base of MI6 in Hong Kong.

hk4.jpg hk5.jpg
The former Central Macau Ferry Pier and the former Central bus terminal.

The short red-bricked building behind Roger Moore is Western Market, Sheung Wan.
Western Market in 2013 1 Western Market in 2013 2

hk6.jpg hk6a.jpg
The Hotel Peninsula in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. It is one of the world's best ten hotels.
The Peninsula in late 1990s The Peninsula in 2013 Green Roll-Royce in 2013

hk7.jpg hk8.jpg
Hankow Road in Tsim Sha Tsui near the Peninsula. The Bottoms Up Bar was once there. It had been moved to Wan Chai in 2004.
Address of Bottoms Up in Tsim Sha Tsui: 14 Hankow Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Address of Bottoms Up in Wan Chai: David House, Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong.
Unfortunately, Wan Chai Bottoms Up ceased business in July 2009. The Tsim Sha Tsui building where Bottoms Up was also demolished in 2012.
Former Bottoms Up in Tsim Sha Tsui 1 Former Bottoms Up 2 Former Bottoms Up 3 (Provided by Patrick)
Hankow Road, 2012 The front door of Former Bottoms Up, Hankow Road, 2012 Opposite to the Former Bottoms Up, Hankow Road, 2012
The capture of the building where Bottoms Up was from Google Map. The building was demolished in 2012-2013.

hk9.jpg hk10.jpg
The left picture is Central on Hong Kong Island, and the right one is Victoria Harbour.
Central, 2013 1 Central, 2013 2

Here is Hing Fat Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island, where the Man with the Golden Gun and Nick Nack went aboard the junk.

hk11.jpg hk12.jpg
Hai Fat's house is also in Hong Kong. Address: Dragon Garden, Castle Peak Road, Castle Peak, New Territories, Hong Kong. It is currently a private property.

fushin1.jpg fushin1.jpg
fushin3.jpg fushin2.jpg

Webmate Chung Berton told me that this scene was shot in Tai Po in the New Territories. There were also intensive discussions and evidence on the web that it was in Macau. The Webmaster finally proved that it is the market of 30 Fu Shin Street, Tai Po, New Territories from a documentary.

Die Another Day (2002)

James Bond was moved from the North Korea to Hong Kong. He later fled from the warship. Bond landed at the Hong Kong Yatch Club in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island and went to the Royal Rubyeon Hotel. There is no such a hotel in Hong Kong.


In the next shot, when Bond landed, there was a tall triangular building at the left side of the screen. It is the Bank of China Tower in Central, Hong Kong Island. However, the Hong Kong Yatch Club is in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island. If Bond landed at Causeway Bay, Kowloon should be at his back, but not Hong Kong Island. How lousy Die Another Day is.
Bank of China Tower, 2013

Hong Kong in 007 Novels

James Bond did not visit Hong Kong in Ian Fleming's 007 novels, but he did in John Gardner's and Raymond Benson's novels. One third of John Gardner's No Deals, Mr. Bond took place in Hong Kong. James Bond was forced to play the man-hunting game on Cheung Chau Island.

James Bond visited these places in Hong Kong:
Former Kai Tak Airport, the Central ( Ice House Street and Connaught Road), Mass Transmit Railway (MTR), Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui South, Cheung Chau Island (Tung Wan Bay, Pak Tai Temple)


The story of Raymond Benson's Zero Minus Ten is about the return of Hong Kong to China. Half of the story took place in Hong Kong, and the other half took place in Macau, Guangzhou and Australia. What surprises me is that James Bond could speak Cantonese (the dialect spoken in Southern China including Hong Kong) and he spoke and listened well.

James Bond visited these places in Hong Kong:
Former Kai Tak Airport, the Central (Ice House Street, Statue Square, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Corp HQ Building), Hollywood Road, Man Mo Temple, Cat Street, Ladder Street, the Hong Kong Park, Tsim Sha Tsui East, the Peak, Kowloon City, Prince Edward Road West, Boundary Street, Connie Towers on Hong Ning Road of Kwun Tong, Kwai Chung, Mass Transmit Railway (MTR), Kowloon-Canton Railway (KCR), the Victoria Harbour

In Raymond Benson's Die Another Day, James Bond was shipped to South Korea from the North. He met M there, fled from the warship and did some jobs in South Korea in order to make money. Then he secretly slipped onto a ship and went to Hong Kong. He landed at Tsim Sha Tsui at the Kowloon side instead of Hong Kong Island side in the movie.

The Chinese Stuff of 007

1. The Chinese 007 Movie Titles

Hong Kong and Taiwan have their own 007 movie titles, so there are at least two titles in Chinese language. Macau follows the Hong Kong version. Because many 007 movies are prohibited by the People's Republic of China, there is no formal movie title in Mainland China for all 007 movies of the previous century. Mainland China usually follows those of Taiwan. From Die Another Day, Mainland China has its own 007 movie titles. Believe me, they are the worst 007 alternative titles in the world and I can't figure out where some of them come from or their meanings. The Hong Kong's titles are spoken in Cantonese and those of Mainland China and Taiwan are spoken in "Mandarin Chinese". Hong Kong called James Bond "tit gam gong" (literally transferred as "Iron Gold Tough") from the first 007 movie Dr. No. "Tit Gam Gong" has become another name of James Bond in Hong Kong.

Here are the Chinese titles of the 24 007 movies.

1. Dr. No

Hong Kong: tit gam gong yung poh san bei do (James Bond Bravely Destroyed the Mysterious Island)
Taiwan: di qi hao qing bao yuan (The Seventh Secret Agent)

2. From Russia with Love

Hong Kong: tit gam gong yung poh gaan dip mong (James Bond Bravely Destroyed the Web of Spy)
Taiwan: di qi hao qing bao yuan xu ji (The Seventh Secret Agent II)

3. Goldfinger

Hong Kong: tit gam gong daai jin gam sau ji (James Bond Versus Goldfinger)
Taiwan: jin shou zhi (Goldfinger)

4. Thunderball

Hong Kong: tit gam gong yung jin moh gwai dong (James Bond Bravely Versus SPECTRE)
Taiwan: pi li dan (Thunderball)

5. You Only Live Twice

Hong Kong: tit gam gong yung poh foh jin leng (James Bond Bravely Destroyed the Rocket Hill)
Taiwan: lei ting gu (The Thundering Valley)

6. On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Hong Kong: tit gam gong yung poh suet saan bo (James Bond Bravely Destroyed the Snow Mountain Castle)
Taiwan: nü huang mi shi (The Queen's Secret Service)

7. Diamonds are Forever

Hong Kong: tit gam gong yung poh juen sek dong (James Bond Bravely Destroyed the Diamond Gang)
Taiwan: jin gang zuan (Diamond)

8. Live and Let Die

Hong Kong: tit gam gong yung poh hak moh dong (James Bond Bravely Destroyed the Black Evil Gang)
Taiwan: sheng si guan tou (At the Point Between Living and Dead)

9. The Man with the Golden Gun

Hong Kong: tit gam gong daai jin gam cheung haak (James Bond Versus the Golden Gunner)
Taiwan: jin qiang ren (Golden Gun Man)

10. The Spy Who Loved Me

Hong Kong: tit gam gong yung poh hoi dai sing (James Bond Bravely Destroyed the Underwater City)
Taiwan: hai de cheng (The Underwater City)

11. Moonraker

Hong Kong: tit gam gong yung poh taai hung sing (James Bond Bravely Destroyed the Space City)
Taiwan: tai kong cheng (The Space City)

12. For Your Eyes Only

Hong Kong: tit gam gong yung poh hoi lung bong (James Bond Bravely Destroyed the Sea Dragon Gang)
Taiwan: zui gao ji mi (The Highest Secret)

13. Octopussy

Hong Kong: tit gam gong yung poh baau ja dong (James Bond Bravely Destroyed the Bomb Gang)
Taiwan: ba zhao nü (The Octopus Girl)

14. A View to a Kill

Hong Kong: tit gam gong yung jin dai kwong moh (James Bond Bravely Versus the Mad Man)
Taiwan: lei ting sha ji (The Thundering Killing)

15. The Living Daylights

Hong Kong: tit gam gong daai jin dak mo fei lung (James Bond Versus the Dragon of Spy)
Taiwan: li ming sheng ji (The Living Chance at Dawn)

16. Licence to Kill

Hong Kong: tit gam gong yung jin saat yan kwong moh (James Bond Bravely Versus the Mad Killer)
Taiwan: sha ren zhi zhao (Licence to Kill)

17. Goldeneye

Hong Kong: san tit gam gong ji gam ngaan jing (New James Bond and Goldeneye)
Taiwan: huang jin yan (Goldeneye)

18. Tomorrow Never Dies

Hong Kong: san tit gam gong ji ming yat dai gwok (New James Bond and the Empire of Tomorrow)
Taiwan: ming ri di guo (The Empire of Tomorrow)

19. The World is Not Enough

Hong Kong: san tit gam gong ji hak yat ngai gei (New James Bond and the Black Day Crisis)
Taiwan: zong heng tian xia (Across the World)

20. Die Another Day

Hong Kong: san tit gam gong ji but yat saat gei (New James Bond and the Coming Killing)
Taiwan: shui yu zheng feng (No One Can Defeat)
Mainland China: zhe ri zai si (Choose Another Day to Die)

21. Casino Royale

Hong Kong: san tit gam gong ji poh wong ga do cheung (New James Bond Wisely Defeated the Royal Casino)
Taiwan: ling ling qi shou bu qu:huang jia ye zong hui (007 First Episode:the Royal Night Club)
Mainland China: ling ling qi: dai zhan huang jia du chang (007: Versus the Royal Casino)

22. Quantum of Solace

Hong Kong: san tit gam gong ji leung ji saat gei (New James Bond and the Killing of Quantum)
Taiwan: ling ling qi liang zi wei ji (007 the Quantum Crisis)
Mainland China: ling ling qi: da po liang zi wei ji (007: Greatly Destroyed the Quantum Crisis)

23. Skyfall

Hong Kong: san tit gam gong: ji poh tin hung sing (New James Bond: Wisely Defeated the Ominous Sky City)
Taiwan: ling ling qi: kong jiang wei ji (007 the Crisis Fallen from the Sky)
Mainland China: ling ling qi: da po tian mu sha ji (007: Greatly Destroyed the Sky Doom Crisis)


Hong Kong: ling ling chat: gwai ying dai gwok (007: the Empire of the Ghost Shadow)
Taiwan: ling ling qi e mo si fu (007 Devils are Hiding Everywhere)
Mainland China: ling ling qi: you ling dang (007: the Spectre Gang)

2. The Year of the Rat

According to Ian Fleming's novel You Only Live Twice, James Bond joined the Royal BritishNavy in 1941, at the age of 19. Therefore, James Bond was born in 1922. It is said that James Bond was born in the Year of the Rat of Chinese in You Only Live Twice, while Tiger Tanaka was born in the Year of the Tiger. However, only 1912 to 1913 and 1924 to 1925 were the Year of the Rat. 1922 was not the Year of the Rat. Ian Fleming made a small mistake.

3. The Chinese Dialogues in Pierce Brosnan's 007 Movies

Tomorrow Never Dies

The Chinese MIG pilot was warning the British warship.
MIG pilot: zhe shi ni men de zui hou jing gao, ni men yi jing zai zhong guo ling hai.(Chinese Mandarin)
Translation: This is your last warning. You are already in Chinese waters.

Wai Lin was waving hands to the Vietnamese fisherman in South China Sea.
Wai Lin: lei bin a! wai! gwoh lai a!(Cantonese)
Translation: This side! Hey! Come here!

Die Another Day

Mr. Chang of the Royal Rubyeon Hotel was ordering his subordinates.
Mr. Chang: jung tung to fong! faai di gaau dim kui!(Cantonese)
Translation: The president suit! Get it done quickly!

Mr. Chang and his recording team was discovered by James Bond. Mr. Chang ordered his team out.
Mr. Chang: chut ngoi min dang!(Cantonese)
Translation: Go outside and wait!

Mr. Chang ordered Miss Fountain of Desire out.
Mr. Chang: ng sai lau hai do la! faai di jau!(Cantonese)
Translation: There is no need to stay here! Get out quickly!

Mr. Chang was speaking to Beijing.
Mr. Chang: hai, ngo ming baak, ngo ming baak, ngo wui gaau dim ga la.(Cantonese)
Translation: Yes I understood. I understood. I will get it done.

4. China in Skyfall (2012)

Locations in China appeared in Skyfall:

shanghai3.jpg shanghai4.jpg

Lujiazui Financial District, Pudong, Shanghai
Landmark buildings include: Oriental Pearl Tower, Jin Mao Building, Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai Taiping Financial Building, Aurora Plaza
Pudong at day, 2012 (Provided by Patrick) Pudong at night, 2012 (Provided by Patrick)


Huangpu River Waterfront ("Waitan"), Shanghai
Landmark building: Bund Center (the building with crown-shaped top)
Huangpu River Waterfront (Waitan), 2012 (Provided by Patrick)


Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Pudong, Shanghai (exterior builiding only)

shanghai52.jpg shanghai5a.jpg

Yan'an Elevated Road, Shanghai (the highway with blue neon lights)

Jinxi Town, Kunshan, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province (exterior of Macau's casino)
Landmark building: Jinxi Langqiao (the bridge of the Macau's casino) (Please see below)

Note: the swimming pool, the interior of the airport and the building which Patrice broke into are in London. The interior of Macau casino, the Shanghai office and Silva's island are fake.

5. Macau? Not like this!

bigmacauskyfall.jpg bigcasinoskyfall.jpg
It is sad that the Macau scenes in Skyfall are so unreal. First of all, the exterior of the casino, including the bridge and the building, are actually located in Jinxi Town, Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, China. The real Macau is surrounded by sea (South China Sea) but not a calm lake as seen in Skyfall. Macau is a small city with tall buildings and is densely populated. In fact, Macau has the number one population density on earth. The interior of Floating Dragon Casino is as fake as the exterior. The whole scene was taken on stage. No one would like to raise Komodo Dragons in casino as they are very smelly, dirty, poisonous and deadly.

The character Sévérine is weird. Imagine how eye-catching it is when you see a stunning non-Chinese prostitute in a Chinese brothel. The tattoo on her wrist is a Chinese character "Nine" (九), which is upside down as seen in the screen. Don't know how the character "Nine" can be linked to prostitution. Sévérine is rather a creation based on Westerner's fantasy.

Lastly, there is no place called "North Harbour" in Macau, where Sévérine's boat was.

I would like to stress that all Macau stuff in Skyfall are totally fake. Macau? Not like this!

The real Macau:
Galaxy Macau Casino, opened in 2011. Most casinos are attached with high-rised hotels.
Casino Lisboa, taken in 2013. It is the symbol of the Macau's gambling industry.
Inside a real Macau casino (WARNING:Photographing is strictly prohibited inside casino area).

6. Fake Chinese Keyboard in Tomorrow Never Dies


In Tomorrow Never Dies, there was a Chinese keyboard inside Wai Lin's Chinese secret service workshop in Ho Chi Minh City (Not Saigon anymore!). The Chinese characters on the keyboard are the codes of "Cangjie input method". Cangjie input method is mainly used in Hong Kong and Macau, and it is exceptionally difficult to be understood. Mainland Chinese and Taiwanese mostly use phonetic-based input methods, which are input by English alphabet codes. It is highly unlikely that Wai Lin, being a Mainland Chinese, uses Cangjie input method. Besides, most of the world's computers, including those of China, use Microsoft Windows, DOS and other English softwares and systems. It is impossible for not having an English keyboard for typing in commands. I have never seen such a keyboard in any part of the world. This Chinese keyboard is again a creation based on Westerners' imagination and it is fake.

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